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Beckman Institute Information Technology Services (ITS) offers several printing and imaging services to researchers. There are multifunction printing (MFP) devices on each floor for copying, scanning, and color printing and black & white printing. We also offer a wide-format poster printing service.


You can register for printing by using our secure web form. You will need to know your UIUC Active Directory (AD) username (NetID) and password and the CFOP (account) that you wish to charge to. You can register for copying and scanning by emailing or visiting the ITS Help Desk. All Beckman Institute personnel registered for copying are automatically registered for scanning.


ITS provides black & white and color copying on the 1st through 5th floors of the Institute. The new copiers support tabloid (11”x17”) in addition to standard letter (8.5”x11”). Anyone wishing to copy must first register by emailing or visiting the ITS Help Desk. After your registration is processed, your i-card will grant you access to the copiers.

ITS also offers a new scanning service. All copiers will have the ability to scan documents and photos to four different file formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, & MTIFF. These digital copies can be sent via Email or directly to specified network folders. Your Email address is already registered, so you will not have to manually type it in every time.

All Beckman Institute personnel who are registered for copying are already registered for scanning, and this service is free to these individuals. After your registration is processed, select “Scan to Email” on the control panel of any MFP and log in using your i-card.

Standard Black & White and Color Printing
Currently, ITS has black & white and color LaserJet printers located on the 1st through 5th floors. Anyone wishing to print must first register using our secure web form.

Please see our Printer Installation page for detailed installation instructions for the standard LaserJet printers.

Wide-Format Poster Printing
Our high quality wide-format poster printing is one of our most popular services. If you need to print a wide-format poster we offer very reasonably priced and convenient poster printing services.

Anyone wishing to print to our wide-format printer must first register using our secure web form. After registering you can either print your poster yourself or have us print it for you.

You can simply email the poster to or drop the poster file off during business hours and have it printed for you.

Printing a poster from the comfort of your own office is very convenient. Doing so allows you to print during off-hours as well. However, printing a poster is more complex than a regular document. For detailed instructions on how to print PowerPoint poster files please see our poster printing page. All wide-format posters may be picked up anytime day or night in cubicle 5319 BI.


Rates for Public Printing and Copying


New Cost

Old Cost

Black & White Printing/Copying, 8.5"x11"



Black & White Printing/Copying, 11"x17"



Color Printing/Copying, 8.5"x11"



Color Printing/Copying, 11"x17"



Wide-Format Poster printing
w/ Premium Glossy Photo Paper

$1.03/Linear inch

$1.04/Linear inch

Refunds will not be issued for B&W or color prints or copies. Accounts will not be charged for the header page on print jobs. Refunds for wide-format color poster prints will only be given for errors resulting from technical malfunctions of the printers and printing system.

Printout Retention Policy
All printouts including Poster Prints that have not been picked up from their respective areas within 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be discarded. Please make sure to retrieve your printouts in a timely manner.


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